"Like tasting water  the first time"


Enagic Kangen water, changed my life! I'm not a distributor yet!
I'll become one, within 90days from 08/01/2010

This site is dedicated to informing people about Alkaline Water and Alkaline eating. it is a blog, InfoSite and a work in progress and will change form frequently!

USA 90% of drinking water is acidic,  including bottled and filtered,

Enagic Kangen water is the Gold Standard. All others compare themselves to Enagic. They are the only one with a machine that is older then 30yrs old and is a medical device in Japan. 

May 2010 - A friend told me about and shared some Enagic water with me. I tried the water and gave some to my friends to test
June 2010 - Friends and I sharing water twice a week. 2liters each time. I drove to Rockwall, Texas to pick up the free water
June 2010 - Friends noticed improved mental clarity, overall better feelings and weight loss. Plus my appetite was gone!
July 2010 - Fully convinvced I purchased a SD501 (not the distributorship) and continued sharing water (free), Testimonies are still reported everyday from new friends, friends drinking the water. I didn't join
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Enagic back then because I didn't want my testing to be about the money
July 2010 - Now even Momma's feeling better on the water and she was the skeptic. Even a close female friend received a compliment that she looks better today than 15 yrs ago!!!
Aug 2010 - Test over, I've lost 30 lbs and several inches of body fat. Also I haven't really changed diet or eating habits of the last 20 yrs, except this water. I'm getting in this water business first to help people. I can't keep quiet about this any more or just share with friends and family. Second the water business makes sense for 2010! The public needs to be informed and shown a nature way to renew their health. to the public to help them renew their health.

One interesting thing I found, is must of my people don't drink a lot of water. We drink soda, koolAid or juice since water in our days tastes so bad, I guess because of all the pipes, chlorine, floridation and lye they add to city water. So good tasting water is rare. kagen water taste so good it's amazing!

We can take you to the water, but it's you that must drink!

Warning!!!! other sites will dis Enagic and talk them down because of the published retail cost. Don't belive the hype!
They can't do it like Enagic!
The machine COST ZERO! if you share the water!!! Try it and see for yourself!

Why Enagic Kangen water?

More Negative ORP than any other device!

More Active Hydrogen!

See the video

SD 501 produces Water to Drink, Water to kill bacteria on contact.and Water to Beautify the skin.

Free ebook on Why Enagic is best.
Why Enagic is better
Free eBook about "The Wonders of Alkaline"

The many benefits of Kangen water. .

Here's a brief description of each one:

Health - this is for your health.

Disinfectent - Use water to clean house, pets, self etc.

Testimonies - Find testimonies here.  coming Soon!